Decoding European Health and Care Systems

April 12, 2018

Health and care systems in Europe are unique, both in terms of their financing and structure. Their current form has evolved over time driven by politics, cultural expectations and economic conditions. Marwood Group’s European Fact Files distil, in a nutshell, the most recent state of health and social care systems in Europe. To support investors and companies in their understanding of national contexts, and enable the development of informed strategies and sound investment choices.

This year’s edition covers 14 different healthcare systems, including the four Nordic countries and the “big five” European countries. In each of them we provide information on:

  • Political context
  • Governance and regulation
  • Financing mechanisms
  • System structure

This report enables investors and companies to draw out the similarities and differences across countries, enabling the reader to take a pan-European view of the health and care landscape.

If you would like to receive your copy in full, please contact As usual we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Local Authority Funding: Overall Pressure on Local Funding Continues, but New Winners and Losers Have Emerged Since Last Year

March 6, 2018

Local authority (LA) funding in England has changed significantly since the start of the decade.  Against the backdrop of wider pressure on public service expenditure, we have seen the Government reduce the level of permanent central financial support to local areas, with policies that look to localise expenditure and temporary funding for specific services.

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Marwood Group is a finalist for the HealthInvestor Awards 2018!

February 21, 2018

Marwood Group is pleased to announce that it is a finalist for the HealthInvestor Awards 2018!

The HealthInvestor Awards promote excellence and recognise innovation in the independent healthcare sector and the awards are aimed at those professionals investing in, advising or operating companies in the health and social care sectors.  Finalists represent the leading players in this diverse and burgeoning market.

Funding Pressures Impact Non-Originator Drugs In Germany, France and Italy

November 1, 2017

Pressure on public finances has led national governments across Europe to seek better control over healthcare expenditure. Healthcare funding pressure varies from country to country. However, pharmaceutical products are generally seen as a prime area where savings can be achieved. One way governments are looking to contain this area of expenditure is through shifting pharmaceutical consumption away from expensive branded products towards cheaper non-originator drugs (i.e. generics and biosimilars).

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